-noun 1. vigor; energy; pep. 2. courage; determination; nerve. 3. skill; know-how.


Moxie Group, Inc. is a software development firm that provides consulting services, enterprise architecture and design, and development services for companies seeking to expand their technical capabilities into emerging Internet technologies. Our expertise is in performance and scalability, enterprise architecture, and leveraging Cloud and other infinitely scalable technologies to solve business challenges.

Moxie Group, Inc. consists of skilled software solution providers with decades of experience with Internet and e-Commerce software, platforms, and systems integration. We've provided solutions for some of the largest sites on the Internet and are continuing to solve problems using emerging technologies such as The Cloud and infinitely scalable data stores. One of our main goals as a business is to continually tackle hard problems while helping organizations fast track technology initiatives by leveraging our experience to help clients execute prototype and incubate projects to validate the viability.

Architectural Strategy

We see the big picture. We design for the big picture. We develop and deploy for the big picture. We help our clients design and develop long term strategies for their companies. Our focus is on the technology, but we've spent a lot of time on the business side of things and understand and incorporate the requirements and constraints of operating in the business world. We think in the thousands, tens of thousands, and millions. Thousands of users. Tens of thousands of transactions. Millions of user interactions.

"With every project, Moxie Group lived up to their name - they were determined, had the know-how to solve complex problems and ultimately turned our visions into real world solutions."

James Bake
Director, Ecommerce Marketing


We provide real, viable solutions. Solutions that are executed and in production. For years. What kinds of solutions are we responsible for?

  • Design and deployment of a major retailer's online gift registry, processing tens of thousands of registrants with millions of items. A solution that's been online for nearly 10 years.
  • Design and deployment of a commerce site on a platform we architected that supports transaction levels just below those of Amazon.com.
  • Deployed an internal company store with on site delivery from the ground up in 8 weeks.
  • Design and deployment of an image sharing and photo products site that competes with Shutterfly storing and serving over 50 terabytes of data.

We have done big projects for big names. And we enjoy it. We really like seeing our clients succeed in their endeavors and appreciate the opportunity to get involved with big challenges and big rewards.

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We've been involved in the Internet a long time. Prior to starting Moxie Group, Inc., the founders spent over a decade crafting and expanding e-commerce solutions for many large scale retailers. Not e-tailers, but real brick and mortar companies looking to move to the Internet as a new distribution channel. Solutions ranging from 100,000 transactions per hour commerce applications in the late 90s to dynamic content caching systems that improved application throughput more than 500%.

Creating solutions that delight
User focused, transaction minded
Getting beyond the desktop
Designing and developing elegant applications that will knock your socks off
Keeping it all together while spreading it all out
Expertise in enterprise scalability and system efficiency
Designing solutions, big and small, to perform, grow, and evolve