What is Moxie Group?

Who are we and what are we doing here?

Our Work

The philosophy of Moxie Group is to continually pursue the 'hard problems' that businesses face. It's our passion to provide solutions to these problems. Our drive and motivation to solve things the right way borders on pathological. This is why we started Moxie Group, Inc. We wanted to help our clients and while satisfying our need to solve challenges in performance, stability, integration, and emerging technologies.

Our Culture

Being in this space a long time, you get to know people. And we know people. We know people at technology companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, Endeca, and Barracuda Networks. We also know people in the consulting and research services industries such as Forrester, Deloit, Sapient, Foresee Results, and Booz & Company.

Combine this with our client contacts, and you can see that we have a pretty large collection of resources to turn to for help with any business challenge. If we can't help you with all of your challenges, we probably know someone who can.

Our Approach

We're taking our years of experience in Internet software development and applying it to today's problems. We're writing our own software to help people manage their enterprise. We're leveraging the Cloud and "Big Data" management technologies like Hadoop, HBase, Hive and HDFS to create solutions that can scale to tremendous levels. And we're doing it using the next generation of Java application deployment: OSGi.

Our Leadership

First and foremost, our leaders are technologists who passionately pursue the creation and application of cutting-edge technologies to solve real world problems.

Our leadership's pedigree exemplifies a relentless drive to solve hard problems by creating innovative solutions for clients that turn their dreams into reality. This pedigree encompasses the creation and multiple implementations of a world class e-commerce platform, leading a global cross-functional delivery team, implementing technology that companies like Microsoft have written white papers upon, and more.

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Loving what we do
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