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We don't do everything, but we have a proven track record of delivering great solutions across many categories


Have you outgrown your current platform's capabilities and need to enhance your presence? Are you just getting off the ground? Moxie Group has you covered. We have successfully built solutions from the ground up and transitioned companies that range from large publicly traded organizations and startups, established and emerging.


Bring us your visions, projects and problems. We'll listen intently, ask a lot of questions and apply our experience to deliver specific roadmaps for your strategies, sequenced and executable plans for the needed changes and, solid solutions for your complex problems.


Of course all of this doesn't mean anything if you don't deliver. We are a results driven firm with a proven track record of saying what we do and doing what we say. At Moxie Group, we believe that delivery has three major components: Integrity, Acumen, and Experience. We apply these principals every day to our agile approach. What's the result? Turning our partner's visions into real world solutions.


Today's mobile strategy needs to encompass all of the ways customers interact with your brand. From a fully responsive experience, to mobile sites, to native mobile and tablet applications, all the way to in store kiosk applications Moxie Group has you covered. We have the technical acumen to implement all of these and the experience to guide you as you evaluate which technology is appropriate for your business.


When "pretty fast" isn't fast enough, when "a lot" isn't enough, or when 1 second is too long. That's when you should talk to us. We've spent many, many hours tuning and optimizing software and platforms for performance.

Enterprise Architecture

Need platform design help? Want to validate ideas or get alternative perspectives on your planned software or hardware architecture? Here are the details on what we can provide for you in helping get your ideas from concept to deployment.

User focused, transaction minded
Getting beyond the desktop
Designing and developing elegant applications that will knock your socks off.
Expertise in enterprise scalability and system efficiency
Designing solutions, big and small, to perform, grow, and evolve