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Need to dig a shallow trench? You can try using spade or even a regular shovel, but a mattock is really the best tool for the job. When it comes to computing technology the plethora of options available can easily be overwhelming, and making good choices for a particular project requires both relevant experience and keen instincts. Moxie Group is well suited to help navigate that landscape; selecting and leveraging the correct technologies for the task at hand.

Big Data

The days of traditional SQL databases are certainly not over, but there is a growing set of problems that are not well suited for a RDBMS. When the challenge moves into the "big data" space both the software techniques and the hosting approach make a dramatic shift. We're well versed in the options and strategies available to tackle these kinds of challenges; everything from using Hadoop to mine and process massive datasets, to leveraging IaaS solutions like DynamoDB or the App Engine Datastore, to representing genomics data in a massively parallel architecture to support near real-time genetic analysis.

Open Source

We believe in the agility, flexibility, and quality that come with using open source software. We also find it rewarding to share and contribute to the open source community, and therefore contribute code enhancements and technical support as part of various projects. In addition, we manage a couple of open source projects directly on our own, freely offering them to the world under the popular Apache license.

Handling the Web

It's difficult to remember what life was like before HTTP arrived. Over the course of just a couple of decades the web has gone from being a mere novelty to a nearly necessary aspect of life for both families and businesses alike, and during that same time period the explosion of related technologies has been unprecedented. Here at Moxie Group, we live and breathe in this sea of technology, and love to bring that experience to bear on the interesting and complex problems that our clients engage us in.


We've spent considerable time recently researching, comparing, and deploying on the various cloud vendors. We've found some pretty great uses for the technologies from Amazon's EC2 and compelling use-cases for Google's App Engine.

Curious about what we've learned? Need help evaluating cloud vendors? Trying to determine how Cloud vendors are different than VPS providers? Want to generate an accurate costing model? It's all fresh in our minds and ready to share.

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