Getting beyond the desktop

As a society, we have embraced mobile devices with great enthusiasm. For many people, a mobile device is the first thing that they grab for when they wake up and the last thing they look at before going to sleep. The behavioral changes that these feature-rich devices have stimulated are transformational and affect how customers engage with brands, other customers, and with multiple other aspects of their lives. These changes result in additional pressure on companies, technology teams, processes, and budgets.

Below are but two of the influences that the ubiquity and proximity of mobile devices have resulted in:

  • Customers with higher expectations.
    Mobile devices have the ability to provide a tailored experience in just the right context for the customer. For example, some retailers offer mobile applications that go into "store mode" when the customer approaches, helping them find what's on their shopping lists, plus what is on sale. Meanwhile, when a consumer enters a modern restaurant they are greeted with a tablet that displays their food choices complete with rich photography, recommends a drink for each food item based on the flavor profiles of the food and wine items, displays allergen information, and also never displays food that is no longer available.

  • Declining time to value.
    Very similar to how high frequency traders identified the business value in having their systems collocated within the exchanges they traded on, companies are looking to get closer to new mobile strategies faster. Companies now have mobile digital incubators that identify emerging uses of mobile technology and then work with agile partners that can get these innovations to market faster.

Today more than ever there is a need for a comprehensive mobile strategy. This strategy needs to encompass all of the ways customers interact with their brand from a feature-rich mobile optimized web experience, to mobile applications that allow for experiences that a mobile web experience simply cannot match, all the way to in store kiosk applications. As a leading technology solution provider, Moxie Group has extensive experience turning mobile strategies into reality in this rapidly evolving marketplace.

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Getting beyond the desktop
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