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Cabela's, the World's Foremost Outfitter of hunting, fishing and outdoor gear, has exemplified the outdoor lifestyle since 1961. Distinguished among hunters, explorers, fisherman, and outdoor enthusiasts, the brand has grown exponentially while staying laser focused on their customers. Presented with the need to have their ecommerce technology evolve as quickly as their customer's expectations, Cabela's partnered with us to build a brand new mobile site, modernize their checkout process, and to continuously expand on the capabilities of their ecommerce platform.


In 2013, like most retailers, Cabela's experienced an explosive growth in customers utilizing mobile devices to engage with their brand. Collectively realizing their existing mobile experience did not meet the expectations of today's customer; our first order of business was to develop a new experience for those customers utilizing a mobile device in time for the holiday season. Knowing that we only had four and a half months to turn the vision for the new site to a usable and robust solution we knew a typical waterfall would present a significant threat to the project's success. As agile evangelists, we lead the on-time delivery of this endeavor with teams at Cabela's and two other partners utilizing a fully agile process.

After that major milestone was delivered, it was on to the major overhaul of checkout. As every retailer knows, changes to checkout are never to be taken lightly. Just as Cabela's is not the ordinary retailer, their checkout is far from run of the mill. Due to the breadth of their product catalog, the related complexity of the laws around portions of that catalog, partner network, and backend systems this project demanded a mature approach to enterprise architecture and the application of cutting edge technology. When this feature was ready, it was then A/B tested to ensure that this major change was received well by their customer base. Satisfied with the results, the new checkout is now in place today for all traffic.

In concert with these larger rock initiatives, Cabela's works with Moxie Group to also work on more IT focused initiatives such as load testing, holiday preparedness, platform upgrades as well as other maintenance tasks.


The all new mobile experience and enhanced checkout delivers the experience that customers of the World's Foremost Outfitter demand. By meeting their customer's expectations, these enhancements have resulted in higher conversion rates for users engaging with the site from both mobile and traditional devices. Utilizing an agile process for these larger initiatives enabled these features to make it to production very quickly while also ensuring that the vision for these features was never lost along the development path. The agile process is now a cornerstone of our partnership as it ensures the business is in lockstep with the technology team.

We continue to work proudly with Cabela's on initiatives that drive their brand forward.

"Fast, efficient, dependable. If you like to see your projects thrive, these guys will deliver.

Over the past couple of years I've had the opportunity to work directly with the Moxie Group and have been continually impressed with end results they've produced. Their ability to take a problem and turn around the solution has been second to none, and the speed at which they can operate has been a breath of fresh air!"

Joe Essay
Digital Product Manager
Cabela's, Inc.