Cloud Computing

Optimizing infrastructure for performance, efficiency, and automation

What's it good for?

The Cloud and Cloud Computing are buzz-words that seem to be everywhere in today's technology publications, newsletters and blogs. But how can your business leverage The Cloud? This is a question we've started focusing on in an effort to be better prepared to meet our own needs as well as help clients make decisions about if and how moving certain aspects of their business to The Cloud makes sense.

The Cloud provides lots of opportunities for costs savings and facilitates server and application management in many regards, but the true value of The Cloud is the things that you can do with on demand, pro-rated cost servers in a massively distributed environment. You may not even need to deploy servers to The Cloud to benefit from it. You may want to leverage some of the available Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), or take advantage of ubiquitous storage, or migrate to an infinitely scalable database, or off load process intensive jobs to dedicated computing resources in The Cloud.

Edges, PoPs, GLBs, and CDNs

There are many unique, and typically 'high end' options available from Cloud providers to optimize your hosted applications. You can push static content to their edge for faster delivery to end users or deploy applications that are dynamically allocated and distributed as load demands using things like Google App Engine. Do you have plans to load balance your application across the planet, but are wondering what best practices are for data replication? Should you consider a NoSQL solution for configuration data? We've researched these options and can help you compare the options for your application.


If you're considering augmenting or replacing your current hosted infrastructure with resources in The Cloud, we've got some insight on what the major players in The Cloud space offer and why you may want to choose one over another. Whether it's cost modeling your migration or determining what makes sense to offload to The Cloud, we've done the research. If you are considering a new initiative and want to know what the benefits would be to launch in The Cloud versus on your own or other hosted infrastructure we can help you answer those questions. We have already started cross referencing the various providers and their capabilities (unique or otherwise) as it applies to our specific needs and have the knowledge to help other companies make educated decisions before executing large resources and dollars into their cloud initiatives.

IaaS as a Service

If you are interested in taking advantage of The Cloud but don't have the resources or know how to begin the process, we can help. We can do the leg work of validating your provider, designing your solution, and deploying prototypes or pilot programs for you to evaluate before allocating your own resources towards the effort. This allows our clients to externalize the initial hurdles and complexities involved with getting started in the cloud and reserving their resources to focus on their domain