User focused, transaction minded

From Concept to Reality

The selection of the ecommerce platform that is appropriate for your business is simply the first step. After that, you need a partner that's capable of taking your unique vision and turning that vision into an easy to use, reliable, and scalable medium capable of connecting with your customers. This medium should be built upon results-driven functionality and forward thinking technology that powers the front-end and back-end of your digital channel today, and tomorrow. You need a partner that is mature enough to deliver all of these things while still keeping in mind your bottom line. Moxie Group delivers all of this, and more.

Experience Matters

Moxie Group is uniquely positioned within the ecommerce ecosystem with a proven track record that few in the industry can match. Like most solution providers, we have our portfolio of partnerships to highlight the quality of our work but our pedigree is deeper than that. Our technical leadership consists of the original creator, architects and product development leaders of Fry Inc.'s Open Commerce Platform (OCP). So when we say that we have a command of CMS systems, personalization, interface development, add to cart functionality, OMS systems, fulfillment, A/B testing, and analytics you can believe it. Our unique pedigree also allows us to speak with an authoritative voice about the differences and nuances of the different ecommerce platforms in the marketplace today.

All of this experience enables Moxie Group to provide solutions that increase revenue opportunities, customer interaction, acquisition and loyalty.

Meeting the User Where They're At

Today more than ever customers engage with brands in many different ways via numerous technical mediums. This can encompass a browser on a traditional desktop, a browser on a tablet, a native tablet application, a browser on a mobile phone, a native mobile phone application, and in store kiosks.

The customer of today expects your brand to meet them where they are and adapt to the way they choose to interface with you, not the other way around. These customers expect an intuitive interface that is optimized for the specific medium they choose to use all while being lightning fast.

Moxie Group has deep experience building the technical bridges between the end customer's devices and our partners' brands. Whether your mobile strategy consists of native mobile applications, responsive design sites, mobile specific sites, kiosk applications or all of the above we have you covered.

Don't just take our word for it

"Fast, efficient, dependable. If you like to see your projects thrive, these guys will deliver.

Over the past couple of years I've had the opportunity to work directly with the Moxie and have been continually impressed with end results they've produced. Their ability to take a problem and turn around the solution has been second to none, and the speed at which they can operate has been a breath of fresh air!"

Joe Essay
Digital Product Manager
Cabela's, Inc.

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