Solving problems is in our DNA

The variety of problems we're presented with and the solutions we create, cross boundaries and keep things interesting.

What Drives Us

One of the founding principles of Moxie Group, Inc. is that hard problems are the most fulfilling to work on, and fulfillment is a primary goal. We strive to have an environment where we are constantly challenged to think of creative and compelling solutions to problems and execute them in ways that benefit both our employees and our clients.

At some companies, your work comes home with you, like baggage. A mental burden that you can't shake off before it's time to return. We try to have an environment where when work comes home with you, it's because you want to know more. You want to solve the puzzle. You need to prove it can be done.

Creating real impacts for a better tomorrow

We have an enduring commitment to give back

As you get to know Moxie Group, you quickly come to know that we are all about working toward solutions to complex problems. While this passion for problem solving is the fuel that enables Moxie Group to grow and thrive, there are some problems that are beyond business and the bottom line.

As you will find represented in the stories below, there are times when we come across problems and then are compelled to provide solutions to our greater community. These problems could be anything from a need in the technical community for an application or framework that should be available to developers for free via open source all the way to the need for an infrastructure that provides internet connectivity to a medical campus in a remote region of the world.

Tracking Tidal Waves

There are many engineers using our open source library GWT Highcharts and one of the coolest stories we've heard yet is how it is being used by NOAA's Center for Tsunami Research (NCTR) to model and forecast tsunamis.

Click here to learn about a cool application of GWT Highcharts


Connecting the Unconnected

A teaching hospital in Kibuye Burundi, a remote underdeveloped African country needed Internet connectivity.