Designing and developing elegant applications that will knock your socks off.

User Focused

Many of us have experienced the urge to smash the keyboard, and surely all of us have been frustrated with an interface that was cumbersome, unintuitive, or blatantly failing. Keeping the user in mind and the likely task they're trying to accomplish with every aspect of the application is more easily said then done. But making software that is clean and elegantly accessible to real people is part of our DNA, and we make it a priority with each design decision.

Don't just take our word for it

"Moxie Group was a great partner with very good architecture skills. They listened to our vision, clearly understood where we were coming from and presented us with multiple solutions"

Chuck Smith
Vice President Information Technology
Aero Fulfillment Services

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Manageable & Adaptable

Managers, analysts, merchandisers, and administrators are humans too. No matter how slick your public end user application is, if the interface you need to interact with to manage the system is convoluted or excessively complex - you won't be able to effectively manage your business and adapt.

Administrative tools should be intuitive enough to use without training. Reports should ideally be actionable. Modifications and query results should be nearly instantaneous. Changes to the system should be easy to try and tweak as needed. We strive to make the systems we create and support something that the business users will love as well as the end users.

Transaction Minded

Every application is trying to encourage the user to perform a "transaction" of some sort, whether that's signing up for a newsletter, uploading a photo album, or making a purchase. We believe that the most successful applications are those created by companies that focus on keeping those transactions effortless for the user, fully automated behind the scenes, and conveniently analyzable to the business.

Technologically Appropriate

When it comes to software technology there are clearly many ways to skin a cat. Describe the same business problem to a dozen different software engineers, and you'll likely get a dozen different answers. Most of the discrepancy though just frankly comes down to what tools and prior experience the technologist you're talking to has had. We have our biases too, and any individual (or company for that matter) who claims to understand the breadth of technology choices available is weaving a spell.

However, there's a knack to making these kind of choices well. We believe we'll be able to impress you with our ability to weed through the options to bring the right technology to bear on your problem that is both elegant and provides the foundation you'll need to scale and adapt as your business evolves.