Enterprise Architecture

Designing solutions, big and small, to perform, grow, and evolve

Hardware, Software, Big, or Small

We enjoy designing things. Big or small. We enjoy considering all the angles, all the possibilities, and all the capabilities that a software solution can have. We get excited about designing software that has simple foundations with complex capabilities. We love laying the ground work for something that can grow into something special. Something big.

Need help architecting your Cloud hosting infrastructure? How about designing a Smart Phone App to allow people to coordinate a Play Date for the kids? Or maybe you need to design an OLAP solution that processes its data on low cost commodity cloud servers? Or maybe you just want a way automate off-loading your images and streaming video from your site to "The Edge" to improve your customers' experience. These are the kinds of things we think about. These are the things we enjoy designing.

Now and Later

We architect solutions for the long term. We understand the investment that is being made in the solutions we design and that it has to live longer than it's ROI. We also understand that resources will come and go. Requirements will change. Developers get promoted. But the architecture needs survive all of these transitions. That's why we work hard to design solutions with legs. Long legs.

We understand it's easy to prototype an application or create a proof of concept using R.A.D. technologies. What's hard is taking that application to production and having it live up to its expectations year after year. We take application and enterprise architecture seriously and strive to deliver solutions that can grow and be maintained for the long term. As a matter of fact, you've probably used one of our solutions before.

Built For Scale

Need an application to serve hundreds of concurrent users? How about thousands? Looking to execute 10,000 transactions per hour? How about 100,000 transactions per hour? Looking to process millions of dollars a day on your engine? Want to talk to someone who has already done it?

We have lots of experience with highly scalable web applications. Our roots are based in transactional e-Commerce solutions where every holiday season was a test of our software and hardware architecture. And probably not just the holidays you're thinking of. Mother's Day is brutal. Ever consider the impact of having your product showcased on Oprah or America's Next Top Model? What about a gift registry during wedding season? Valentine's Day? Back to school?

None of these get the headlines that Black Friday and Cyber-Monday do, but they are responsible for some serious traffic to transactional websites. We've been through these and many more scenarios that have tested and hardened our philosophies about software design and architecture. From the application itself to software profiling solutions and run-time content caching solutions, we have experience in designing solutions that scale up to meet the demands of your customers.

Everything Old Is New Again

With the advent and adoption of cloud computing, big data, and distributed computing, we're back to the beginning of the cycle where best practices are being defined and redefined. And we're excited about it. We are currently working with our customers to define how the Cloud fits in to their offerings. How distributed computing can be leveraged to process data sets that were impossible to process before. How to design fault-tolerant and self healing applications and hardware architectures that take advantage of both the cloud's computing and pricing models.