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When a business decides they want to offer Discover to their consumers as a form of payment they sign up with Discover as a merchant and get access to a lot of promotional swag. This is what we see every day when we are at businesses and our eyes are travelling around the establishment; door signs, window decals, check presenters, pens, aprons, business card holders and point of sale table tents. All are supplied by Discover and almost all are free. One of our clients, Aero Fulfillment Services, has a portal that handled the ordering, warehousing and distribution of Discover Signage items for thousands of merchants around the world. Discover Signage wanted to make big wholesale changes; they wanted a full B2B website for merchants, and they wanted to be able to better manage the merchants and administer the products. Aero reached out and engaged with Moxie Group to implement this vision.


Moxie Group listened intently and worked closely with Aero and Discover to create a combined product and service road map. We prioritized the client's requests and started creating technical solutions and actionable tasks to address each one. We introduced an agile methodology to Aero and began training them and incorporating that into our requirements, development and delivery process.

Moxie Group fully deployed an ecommerce platform, OCP 5.1, and extensively integrated it with Aero's back end systems, Serenade and a proprietary WMS. We created two B2B websites, one for domestic merchants and one for international merchants. The international site has integrated translated content, product catalogs, cart, quick order, help docs and mages with text in 8 languages other than English.

We added many features to the website that created a richer merchant experience, the ability to pull an order from order history and re-order and to start an order and save it for completion later. We added a "Recommended Products" logic. This is configured either with algorithms and consumer purchasing behavior or by manually associating products. We created enhancements to the portal to help Discover manage merchants and products, to create customized privileges for managers to edit, unlock and release orders and we implemented an RMA management that complied with Discover's business rules.


Moxie was a very involved partner throughout and helped interview, hire, train and get up to speed an internal resource that has become their on-site OCP expert, go-to guy and trainer for new IT staff supporting the ecommerce site and portal.

We introduced agile processes that were adopted by their management team and used for all of their projects. We helped curb merchant abuse and protect profits by adding allotment logic added to manage consumer purchase of free items helped New OCP implementation provided Aero with better metrics and consumer behavior for their analytics engine.

"Moxie brought a lot of learning, training and mentoring to the team. They helped improve our team's technical knowledge to the point where we could support the system ourselves. They really were so good that they worked themselves out of a job, but that was one of the goals all along. Moxie accomplished a lot more than just delivering a product"

Chuck Smith
Vice President Information Technology
Aero Fulfillment Services