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Entertainment Publications, an exclusive online discount, promotion and coupon dealer, has defined an entire industry since 1962. By staying focused on their core customers and dominating the fundraising arenas, the Entertainment Book is ubiquitous within homes across North America. Like many companies today, Entertainment was faced with the need to have their web technology evolve as quickly as their customer's expectations. These customers have expectations that is well beyond the typical retail ecommerce experience. Their online presence not only sells memberships, but it also is a portal to view and redeem over 1,000,000 offers from thousands of merchants.

Entertainment partnered with us to launch a completely new OCP based ecommerce site, modernize their checkout backend process, create new technology to support their fundraisers, and to continuously expand on the customized capabilities of their ecommerce platform.


At the beginning of our relationship Entertainment had already internally begun the process of developing the new OCP based ecommerce site. With the pressure of getting the new site in place for the upcoming holiday season, they looked to us to completely drive the technical delivery of the site. This new site was delivered in time for the holiday season and included many customizations to support their hybrid product & membership model, unique promotional requirements, hyper-localized offer presentation experience, integrations and enhancements to the offer redemption & management system, and much more.

After the new site was in place, the next big rock project was to create a solution to extend the fundraising channel of their business to their website in time for school fundraising season. We extended their site to support a complex attribution model for their fundraisers. This technology supports email links, self registration, code acceptance, direct and indirect percentages, and is the foundation for reporting and ultimately financial transactions for their fundraisers. This was a very time sensitive project as there is a fundraising season for schools that participate within their program. We are proud to say that this was delivered in time for that first season.

In concert with the aforementioned business initiatives we also have worked with Entertainment's IT group to drive modernization of back end systems. This included load testing, architectural reviews, technology evaluations and back-office modernization initiatives. A significant modernization initiative was to provide the technical foundation to bring their ebusiness into PCI compliance. Since their business has a membership component with renewals, there was a strong desire to secure their user's credit card information. We architected, lead and delivered a tokenization project to get all of the credit card data outside of their proverbial four walls. Like most implementations of such technology, we had older backend systems that did not support such a solution. To get around such limitations, we implemented technology that resulted in tokens that were 16 digits and passed a MOD-10 check so no alterations to their backend systems were required.


The new site, fundraising attribution solution, back-office retooling, and other enhancements serve as the new foundation for the business. This new foundation has paved the way for Entertainment to refocus their brand strategy away from simply being a provider of coupon books to being a leader of online exclusive discounts, promotions and coupons.

"Moxie Group was originally introduced to us by recommendation to assist with customizing the Fry OCP (now Oracle OCP) platform to meet our business needs. In short order, they became our go to strategic partner to enhance and manage our ecommerce and membership platforms. With every project, Moxie Group lived up to their name - they were determined, had the know-how to solve complex problems and ultimately turned our visions into real world solutions."

James Bake
Director, Ecommerce Marketing