Our Work





iMenutech, a leader in tablet based menu systems, had a vision to revolutionize the restaurant menu experience. This vision was to replace the traditional paper menu with a much richer experience to end customers while delivering a lower total cost of ownership and increased revenue to the restaurants. This experience would "feel" like a traditional menu, but offer enticing product photography, a patented chemical pairing of wine to food items, and a easy to navigate structure for things like large wine lists. This vision also included the ability to centrally manage all menus via an easy to use administrative portal.


When iMenutech first engaged Moxie Group they had a vision, prototype, and large ambitions in front of them. The prototype was in place at a pilot restaurant but was not able to deliver upon the original vision due to stability issues, performance issues, and incomplete functionality. Moxie Group's first order of business was to turn this prototype into a production ready solution. This was accomplished by fully rewriting the native android application. After the tablet software was rewritten we then moved onto the task of stabilizing the cloud based back end by assuming all technical management of the platform. We are now in a partnership with iMenutech as we are collectively implementing a "2.0" version of the solution that will enable Menuvative to continue to be the industry leader in tablet based menu systems.


iMenutech and Moxie Group have pushed the Menuvative solution out of the prototype/beta phase and into the marketplace as a production SaaS solution. Menuvative has experienced explosive national growth and has put thousands of tablet-based menus in customers' hands. The restaurants that have implemented this solution are experiencing a lower total cost of ownership than their traditional print approach (or cost neutral in some cases), an increased amount of revenue per seat, and overall increases in sales from the buzz this solution generates.