Our Work





Micros, a global leader in B2B and B2C ecommerce, point of sale, and hospitality management systems, has driven the use of technology in commerce for over 30 years. Already well established in verticals such as retail, restaurant, hotel, and hospitality, Micros continues to make strategic acquisitions to enhance their technical offerings within those sectors. One of those strategic acquisitions was Fry, Inc., which was targeted for their powerful OCP (Open Commerce Platform) solution. Post acquisition, Micros was faced with the need to have the OCP platform continue to evolve as quickly as the market, and the competition, demanded.


Micros, being a global market leader within their existing verticals, quickly identified the need for OCP to be enhanced to support companies with presences in international markets. Starting in 2011, Micros partnered with Moxie Group to play a leadership role for enhancements to the OCP platform and also tackle some strategic client initiatives. From a platform perspective, one of the large projects we provided our architecture acumen for was the internationalization of OCP. This encompassed product pricing for multiple currencies, localized managed and targeted content, multi-lingual support, singular product catalog, and country specific promotions. After these enhancements to the platform, we worked with Micros to provide consultative leadership of the implementation of Intimissimi on the OCP platform that leveraged the new internationalization enhancements. Along with the internationalization efforts, we partnered with Micros to offer our architectural services to enable OCP to leverage cloud based technologies. This effort was to allow for Micros to offer different managed hosting options and also paves the way for a SaaS solution for the platform in the future.

Along with platform enhancements, Moxie Group also was utilized for strategic client work. One such project was a social and commerce photography site by Fujifilm named www.seehere.com. This site leveraged the OCP platform and also had a lot of custom developed software for image processing, storage, and customization for products.


Equipped with its international capabilities, the OCP platform has experienced a greater adoption rate from American companies with an international presence. These new capabilities also served as the foundation for OCP to penetrate previously untapped overseas markets. This has enabled Micros to have European based offices dedicated to the proliferation and support of OCP in these new markets. These enhancements also are foundational elements in the strategy to have OCP be part of their omni-channel strategy going forward.