Release Notes

It keeps improving. Here's what's happened.

Table of Contents:

Version 1.7.0

  • Showcase updated to show new chart types, including stock charts, gauges, heatmaps, and treemaps
  • Upgraded to Highcharts 4.1.5 and Highstock 2.1.5
  • Added many new configurable options to various chart components to support latest versions of the Highcharts API
  • Added support for new chart types Heatmap, Treemap, Solid Gauge, and Pyramid
  • Added HeatmapPlotOptions, TreemapPlotOptions, SolidGaugePlotOptions, and PyramidPlotOptions types
  • Added support for 3D charts, Drilldown and No Data configuration options
  • The Point API now supports a 'z' dimension for 3D charts.
  • Added support for changing the options of series after it has been rendered utilizing the Series.update()
  • Can now update the options of a series using the new Axis.update() Highcharts API method
  • Added support button themes for highcharts and highstocks.
  • Linear gradients now render with the correct options
  • Fixed issue with converting point arrays containing null elements
  • Fixed issue with chart titles not properly persisting

Version 1.6.1

  • Fix for boxplot, errorbar, and bubble series types when using persistent charts
  • Fix for boxplot, errorbar, and bubble series types when the points in the series have more complex options

Version 1.6.0

  • Incorporated merge request from Robert Bost to handle point retrieval from series within persistent charts
  • Upgraded to Highcharts 3.0.1 and Highstock 1.3.1
  • Added support for new chart types Bubble, Box, Error Bar, Funnel, Gauge and Waterfall.
  • Added Support for new stock chart types Candlestick and Flags.
  • Added corresponding BubblePlotOptions, BoxPlotOptions, ErrorBarPlotOptions, FunnelPlotOptions, GaugePlotOptions,WaterfallPlotOptions, CandlestickPlotOptions, and FlagPlotOptions types
  • Stock charts now have configurable options for scroll bars, range selectors, and data grouping
  • Added options for configuring the reset zoom button
  • New Point constructors have been added that support ['name'] for waterfall charts and [x, 'title', 'text'] for flags.
  • Points now support using a custom image for their marker
  • Touch screen users now can use pinch gestures to zoom
  • Added many new configurable options to multiple chart components (legends, context buttons, panes, range selectors, scrollbars, etc.)
  • Added several new example charts to the Showcase application for the new Highcharts and Stockchart types.
  • Now supports the setVisible() method for efficiently show/hiding multiple series at once
  • Fixed issue with dual axis cross hairs for tooltips
  • Fixed overflow issue when the "shift" option was used before a series was rendered

Version 1.5.0

  • Upgraded to Highcharts 2.3.3 and Highstock 1.2.4
  • Added support for polar, spider, and wind rose type charts
  • Now supports configuring the "Navigator" and "RangeSelector" options of a StockChart
  • Added support for the COLUMN_RANGE, AREA_RANGE and AREA_SPLINE_RANGE series render types
  • Added corresponding ColumnRangePlotOptions, AreaRangePlotOptions and AreaSplineRangePlotOptions types
  • New Point constructors and addPoint/setPoints methods that support [x, low, high] points
  • New isVisible() method to check for series visibility at runtime after rendering the chart
  • Reworked the way point conversion occurred to better handle range charts and null values
  • Fix for potential null pointer issue in the getExtremes() method
  • Added support for millisecond formatting on the DateTimeLabelFormats configuration type
  • Allow retrieval of native Highcharts data instance is all event and formatter callbacks for advanced JSNI use cases.
  • Added several new example charts to the Showcase application for the new polar and range series types

Version 1.4.0

  • Added support for managing global options via the Highcharts.setOptions() method.
  • To support advanced use-cases, now exposing the native 'axis', 'point', 'series', and 'chart' instances.
  • Added 'legendIndex' plot option.
  • Added 'pointFormat', 'valueDecimals', 'valuePrefix', 'valueSuffix', 'xDateFormat', and 'useHTML' tooltip options.
  • Added support for OHLC plot option type.
  • Added support for passing null point values to a series after the chart has been rendered
  • Added support for access the point instance within a custom DataLabelsFormatter
  • Fixed issue with getting the raw point information in a custom tooltip formatter in shared mode.
  • Fix for type bug when calling the Series.addPoint() method post render time with a single value

Version 1.3.0

  • Upgraded to Highcharts 2.2.1 and Highstock 1.1.5
  • Added new data label formatting options, such as borderColor, padding, shadow, etc.
  • Added support for a 'setExtremes' custom event handler on any Axis
  • Added support for custom legend label formatters
  • Added support for dynamically removing points from chart's that were marked persistent as well
  • Fix bug with a point's native name and user data not getting proxied properly from getPoints to setPoints
  • Various javadoc fixes

Version 1.2.0

  • Upgraded to Highcharts 2.2.0 and Highstock 1.1.4
  • Ability to dynamically change the title of an axis post render time via Axis.setAxisTitle()
  • Adding support for logarithmic axes
  • Cleaner support for OHLC charts via point methods to specify and retrieve the open/high/low/close values
  • Added support for dynamically moving a chart to another panel via the Chart.setPersistent() method
  • Fix for axis not being referenceable after the chart was rendered, if not referenced before rendering
  • Fixed issue with event callback methods not passing the correct return value to javascript
  • Fixed issue with the size of the array returned by Series.getPoints() when length was changed after rendering
  • Minor showcase application fixes
  • Various javadoc fixes

Version 1.1.3

  • Upgraded to Highcharts 2.1.9 and Highstock 1.1.0
  • Added new "Skies" theme to the GWT Highchart Showcase application
  • Support for custom formatters of tool tips that are running in the "shared" mode
  • New methods XAxis/YAxis to dynamically add and remove plot lines and plot bands after the chart is rendered
  • Added hasX/YValue() methods on DataLabelsData to support data series with null values
  • Added additional properties for the support rendered options to BarPlotOptions.
  • Support to dynamically update a point to a null Y value via the Point.update() method
  • Fixed the "setWidth" method name in the exporting options
  • Added support to retrieve the core options that have been set on a chart via BaseChart.getOptions()

Version 1.1.2

  • Added support for legend item click event handlers on pie charts
  • Fix for issue with the dynamic Point "update()" method when a single value is given
  • Fix for a tooltip problem in the Showcase application
  • Added better code tolerance for plot options that contain nothing but event handlers
  • Various javadoc fixes

Version 1.1.1

  • Added support to dynamically change the categories of the X axis after the chart is rendered
  • Added convenience method for setting the text of a plot line label
  • Added support for points with null Y values
  • Fix for the axis index not being passed correctly to X axis label formatters
  • Fix for "type is not defined" error when using some data label formatters
  • Fix for events not firing properly when multiple event types were bound to the same entity
  • Fix for the "Chart.setSize()" method not supporting the animation option correctly
  • Fix for the JSNI bug in the Point.getName() method
  • Updated the Series object constructor scope to protected to allow for sub-classing
  • Various javadoc fixes

Version 1.1.0

  • Added interfaces for dynamically responding to the chart's click, load, redraw, and selection events
  • Event handlers for series click, checkboxClick, hide, legendItemClick, mouseOver, mouseOut, and show events
  • Event handlers for point click, mouseOver, mouseOut, remove, select, unselect and update events
  • Support for dynamically retrieving the selected series and points of the chart
  • Support to dynamically update, remove, slice, or select point instances after the chart is rendered
  • Support to dynamically show, hide, and select a series after the chart is rendered
  • Automatic conversion of data points back to GWT objects after the chart is rendered
  • Allowing arbitrary user data to be stored on each point that is accessible when retrieved dynamically
  • Added type constants for OHLC and candlestick series types
  • Added methods to allow a chart to be printed, its SVG exported, or title changed
  • New configuration objects for the "Exporting" and "Navigation" options
  • Ability to override the marker options for individual points in the series
  • Optimized data management logic when two dimensional arrays are used to set the points on a series
  • Fix for issue when dynamically replacing all data of a series after the chart has ben rendered
  • Various javadoc improvements and corrections

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial release version of GWT Highcharts
  • Support for the majority of the Highcharts 2.1.6 API
  • Limited support for the Highstock 1.0 Beta API
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