Quick Start

Add an upload control with a simple progress indicator to your app in 5 minutes.

Here's how to get started:
  1. Download the GWT Uploader release jar file, and add it to your project's class path. E.g.:
  2. Update your GWT module XML configuration file to import the GWT Highcharts module:
    <inherits name="org.moxieapps.gwt.uploader.Uploader"/>
  3. Within your GWT application, create a "Label" widget that will display the progress:
    Label progress = new Label();
  4. Create the "Uploader" widget, and set some configuration options using method chaining:
    final Uploader uploader = new Uploader()
       .setButtonText("Upload Files")
  5. Bind in handlers for the various events you're interested in:
    uploader.setUploadProgressHandler(new UploadProgressHandler() {
       public boolean onUploadProgress(UploadProgressEvent evt) {
                evt.getBytesComplete() / evt.getBytesTotal()
          return true;
    }).setFileDialogCompleteHandler(new FileDialogCompleteHandler() {
       public boolean onFileDialogComplete(FileDialogCompleteEvent evt) {
          return true;
  6. Add the widgets to any GWT layout container:
  7. Run the application, click the button to select a file, and upload!
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